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What Will the Fiber Optic Access Network Reform in the 5G Era?
Sep . 15 . 2019
We have seen 5G's bandwidth increase, delay reduction and stronger support for the Internet of Things. It also poses a huge challenge to the traditional optical access network. First, for traditional Internet services, the bandwidth of mobile users is inc
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Software-defined Optical Network (SDON) Standard Progress and New Technology Hotspots
Sep . 05 . 2019
Software-defined optical network (SDON) combines software-defined network (SDN) and transport network. It is a research hotspot in the field of transport network management. It has many applications in packet transport network (PTN) and optical transport
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Is 5G Fixed Wireless vs. FTTH a Cage Fight or a Toolkit?
Dec . 11 . 2018
Battles between telecom technologies are an endless source of entertainment for industry observers, and, somehow, the physical and data link layers seem to attract more than their fair share. For longer than I can remember, standards committees, conferenc
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