Qualfiber-FTTX Solution

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Hardware Engineer (2-5 people)
Bachelor degree or above in English for more than 2 years Mandarin 25-45 years old

1. Bachelor degree or above in computer or communication related field, more than two years experience in hardware design and development of communication products
2. Engaged in the development of a project such as switch, router, PON, VDSL related communication products, and can independently undertake project development tasks.
3. Have a deeper understanding of various data communication knowledge and network products.
4. Familiar with ARMY, MIPS, POWERPC and other embedded systems and various bus designs
5. Strong analytical, learning and innovation skills; strong team spirit and communication skills
6. Good English listening, speaking, reading and writing skills
1. Responsible for the design, debugging, self-test, etc. of related circuits such as Ethernet switches
2. Responsible for board signal integrity, FUNCTIONAL, CPLD test simulation. Cooperate with PCB related design and system joint debugging

Sales Engineer (3 people)
Bachelor degree or above in English for more than 2 years Mandarin or English 22-35 years old
1. College degree or above, with experience in sales or customer service is preferred, and fresh graduates with better qualifications are also eligible.
2. Age 20 years and older, good image quality, mature and stable, confident and generous, with good affinity and work passion.
3. Love the education industry, have strong communication skills, have education and training industry enrollment, sales experience, etc..
4. Cheerful, good communication skills and logical thinking skills, good resilience and strong resistance to stress.
5. Love education, keen on consulting positions, positive development, strong execution, good customer service awareness and learning ability.
6. Have a team spirit and be able to adapt to flexible working hours (weekends during weekends).