What is GYTZA53 fiber optic cable?

What is GYTZA53 fiber optic cable?

Part number definition

GY—— Communication room (field) outdoor optical cable
T   ——  Grease Filled structure
Z   ——  Flame retardant
A   ——  Aluminum-polyethylene bonded sheath
5   ——  Corrugated steel belt
3   ——  Polyethylene sleeve
GY Communication room (field) outdoor optical cable   none no reinforcement B Flat shape A Aluminum-polyethylene bonded sheath 5 Corrugated steel belt Codename Coating or jacket code A1a IEC and GB/T G.651
GH Submarine Optical Cable for Communication F Non-metallic reinforcement C Self-supporting structure G Steel sheath 44 Double thick round steel wire 1 Fiber cover A1b IEC and GB/T G.651
GJ Optical cable in communication room (office) G Metal heavy reinforcement D Fiber ribbon structure L Aluminum sheath 4 Single thick round steel wire 2 Polyethylene protection tube A1c IEC and GB/T G.651
GR Flexible Optical Cable for Communication H Non-metallic heavy-duty reinforcement E Oval shape Q Lead sheath 33 Double thin round steel wire 3 Polyethylene sleeve A1d IEC and GB/T G.651
GS Optical fiber cable in communication equipment G Skeleton trough structure S Steel-polyethylene bonded magnetic protection 3 Single thin round steel wire 4 Polyethylene sleeve and nylon sleeve B1.1 (B1) Non-dispersion shifted fiber G652
GT Special optical cable for communication J Fiber tight sleeve coating structure U Polyurethane sheath 2 Double steel belt 5 PVC sleeve B1.2 Cut-off wavelength shifted fiber G654
GW Metal-free optical cable for communication R Inflatable structure V PVC sheath 0 No armor layer B1.3 IEC and GB/T G.652C
GM Mobile optical cable for communication T Grease filled structure   W Steel-polyethylene bonded sheath with parallel steel wires B2 Dispersion shift type optical cable G653
X Cable bundle tube (coating) structure Y Polyethylene sheath B4 Non-zero dispersion shifted fiber G655
Z Flame retardant


Product description

GYTZA53 (metal strengthening member, loose tube layer stranded filling type, aluminum-polyethylene bonded sheath, longitudinally wrapped corrugated steel tape armor, flame-retardant polyethylene sheath outdoor optical fiber cable for communication) The structure of the optical cable is a single-mode or multi-mode The optical fiber is sheathed in a loose tube filled with waterproof compound made of high modulus plastic. The center of the cable core is a metal reinforced core. For some fiber optic cables, the metal reinforced core is also extruded with a layer of polyethylene (PE). The loose tube (and filling rope) is twisted around the central reinforcing core to form a compact and circular cable core, and the gaps in the cable core are filled with water blocking compounds. The plastic-coated aluminum tape is longitudinally wrapped and then extruded with a polyethylene inner sheath, and the double-sided plastic-coated steel tape is longitudinally wrapped and then extruded with a flame-retardant polyethylene sheath.


●Precise control of the excess length of the optical fiber ensures that the optical cable has good tensile performance and temperature characteristics

●PBT loose tube material has good hydrolysis resistance, and the tube is filled with special grease to protect the optical fiber

●Excellent pressure resistance

●Smooth outer sheath enables the optical cable to have a smaller coefficient of friction during installation

●The following measures are taken to ensure the waterproof performance of the optical cable: the loose tube is filled with special waterproof compounds; the cable core is completely filled; the moisture-proof layer of plastic-coated aluminum tape and steel tape
Applicable laying

●Directly buried and other places with flame retardant requirements



 Technical Data

Optical Fiber Type

Sumitomo Pureband. G652D

Without any joints along all cable length in one spool

Fiber grouping Freely laid bunch of fiber inside tube. For fiber count is 12.
Loose tube 2.1 ± 0.1mm, PBT, when 12 fibers inside
Center Strength member

Steel wire


Corrugated steel tape with overlap, covered with plastic layers on both sides

Minimal pull tension strength


Minimal crush pressure


Inner Jacket

MDPE   Thickness:1.0mm

Outer Jacket

ZPE.     Thickness:1.8mm

Minimal bending radius, n x Ø Static




Temperature Installation

-40oC ~ 70oC


-40oC ~ 70oC

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