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  • The Difference of GPON and EPON

    The Difference of GPON and EPON

    Introduction to EPON and GPON What is EPON EPON is an IEEE standard. EPON adopts a point-to-multipoint structure and passive optical fiber transmission mode to provide a variety of services on Ethernet. At present, IP/Ethernet applications account for more than 95% of the entire local area networ...
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  • What is the difference of the XGPON and XGSPON?

    What is the difference of the XGPON and XGSPON?

    1. The name of XGPON and XGSPON, and the each alphabet stands for, First of all, we need to know the full name of them. XGPON means 10 Gigabit Passive Optical Network, in which “X” is Latin letter stands for “10“, “G” is Gigabit, In data communications, a gigab...
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  • Announcement: Analysis on the logistics and warehousing situation of retail OEM customers

    U.S. FTW1 and IND9 have been severely liquidated, FBA restricted warehousing, FedEx stopped accepting Amazon goods, and air sent and Haipai prices have risen across the board… After experiencing the profound lessons of the early epidemic, many sellers have taken precautions. With the arriva...
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  • Qualfiber Have Been Invited by Etisalat for the 5G CPE Tender

    Qualfiber Have Been Invited by Etisalat for the 5G CPE Tender. After one month discussion for the 5G wireless Band of compliance. The requirement and qualification investigation have been completed. We will continue and follow the process to offer the best network of the new 5 gerneration. 1. IN...
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  • Is 5G Fixed Wireless vs. FTTH a Cage Fight or a Toolkit?

    Battles between telecom technologies are an endless source of entertainment for industry observers, and, somehow, the physical and data link layers seem to attract more than their fair share. For longer than I can remember, standards committees, conferences, the media, analyst coverage and the ma...
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