What is GYXTW fiber optic cable?

What is GYXTW fiber optic cable?

Part number definition

GY——Communication room (field) outdoor optical cable

X   ——Cable center tube (cover) structure

T    ——filled structure

W  ——Steel polyethylene bonded sheath with steel wire (referred to as W sheath)


GY Communication room (field) outdoor optical cable   none no reinforcement   B Flat shape   A Aluminum-polyethylene bonded sheath   5 Corrugated steel belt   Codename Coating or jacket code   A1a IEC and GB/T G.651
GH Submarine Optical Cable for Communication   F Non-metallic reinforcement   C Self-supporting structure   G Steel sheath   44 Double thick round steel wire   1 Fiber cover   A1b IEC and GB/T G.651
GJ Optical cable in communication room (office)   G Metal heavy reinforcement   D Fiber ribbon structure   L Aluminum sheath   4 Single thick round steel wire   2 Polyethylene protection tube   A1c IEC and GB/T G.651
GR Flexible Optical Cable for Communication   H Non-metallic heavy-duty reinforcement   E Oval shape   Q Lead sheath   33 Double thin round steel wire   3 Polyethylene sleeve   A1d IEC and GB/T G.651
GS Optical fiber cable in communication equipment         G Skeleton trough structure   S Steel-polyethylene bonded magnetic protection   3 Single thin round steel wire   4 Polyethylene sleeve and nylon sleeve   B1.1 (B1) Non-dispersion shifted fiber G652
GT Special optical cable for communication         J Fiber tight sleeve coating structure   U Polyurethane sheath   2 Double steel belt   5 PVC sleeve   B1.2 Cut-off wavelength shifted fiber G654
GW Metal-free optical cable for communication         R Inflatable structure   V PVC sheath   0 No armor layer         B1.3 IEC and GB/T G.652C
GM Mobile optical cable for communication         T Grease filled structure   W Steel-polyethylene bonded sheath with parallel steel wires               B2 Dispersion shift type optical cable G653
            X Cable bundle tube (coating) structure   Y Polyethylene sheath               B4 Non-zero dispersion shifted fiber G655
            Z Flame retardant                          


The fibers, 250μm, are positioned in a loose tube made of a high modulus plastic. The tubes are filled with a water-resistant filling compound. The tube is wrapped with a layer of PSP longitudinally. Between the PSP and the loose tube water-blocking material is applied to keep the cable compact and watertight. Two parallel steel wires are placed at the two sides of the steel tape. The cable is completed with a polyethylene (PE) sheath.

Product description

● The center loose tube protects the coated fiber once
● The optical fiber is concentrated in the center of the cable, and the strength members are distributed on both sides of the cable sheath


● Small outer diameter, light weight, convenient construction
● Stable fiber excess length control
● After the cable is formed, the additional attenuation of the fiber is close to zero, and the dispersion value does not change
● Excellent environmental performance

Applicable laying

● Aerial laying
● Wear tube/blowing in tube
● Buried/underground


GYXTW structureGYXTW-12B1.3-7

● The central loose tube protects the primary coated optical fiber
● The optical fiber is concentrated in the center of the cable, and the reinforcements are distributed on both sides of the cable sheath
● Water blocking layer is provided between the steel belt and the cable core
● Double-sided plastic-coated corrugated steel belt -Polyethylene bonded outer sheath
● Double steel wire parallel reinforcement

Performance characteristics

● Excellent water blocking layer, with good anti-seepage ability
● The outer sheath of steel tape is bonded and metal reinforced, with excellent tension performance
● The central design of the beam tube minimizes the influence of the optical fiber on the anti-lateral force of the optical cable
Note: It can be designed in rows of non-metallic structures according to user requirements

Scope of application

● Long-distance communication, inter-office communication, more suitable for southern regions

Technical parameter

Fiber optic cable core number Optical cable outer diameter(MM) Cable weight(Kg/KM) Minimum bending radius Allowable tension (N) Allowable side pressure (N/100MM)
Static dynamic short term long term short term long term
2-12 8.9 90 10 times the cable diameter 20 times the cable diameter 1500 600 1000 300
14-24 10.2 110 1500 600 1000 300


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